Please join us for Greek Fest prep! 

 We will be at the hall and on the grounds every day and every evening until the festival so come when you can. We will be cooking, sorting, pricing and preparing all merchandise for sale and display, decorating, cleaning, and just having a great time together. The more hands we have, the lighter the work load and there is much to do. There will be dinner served every night - get ready to work up an appetite! Thanks to all for your continued support and looking forward to seeing all of you there.

Sunday, 12th February

Sauce for Soutzoukakia, Vegetarian Papoutsakia

Monday, 13th February 

8.30am                   Take out Souvlakia, put in fridge for 2 days

                              Take out Pork Loin, Lamb Legs and Lamb Shanks

5.00pm                   Pastry cutting, sorting, packaging etc.

 Tuesday, 14th February

 8.30am                  Fila wrapping and cooking

                              Season pork and lamb

                              Boil Octopus 

5.00pm                   Tzatziki, hoummus

                              Pastry cutting, sorting, packaging etc.

                              Continue boiling octopus

 Wednesday, 15th February

 8.30am                   Pumpkin Fila and Stuffed Cabbage wrapping and cooking

                               Continue boiling octopus

                               Take Souvlakia out of fridge

5.00pm                    Salad Dressing

 Thursday, 16th February

 8.30am                  Cut and Soak Calamari, take out Smelts and Shrimp, put in fridge, Bake Lamb and Pork

5.00pm                  Continue to Bake Lamb and Pork, take out Pastitsa and Moussaka

 Friday, 17th February

 8.30am                 Kotes Kokinistes, Lahanorizo and Spanakoriso prep, Tourlou

                             Continue to bake lamb and pork

5.00pm                 Bake potatoes

                             Bake Pastitsa and Moussaka, Salad Prep, Gyro sides (parsley and onion) prep

 Saturday 18th February (Day 1 of Festival)

 8.00am                Cook Lahanoriso and Spanakoriso, Youvetsi 

                           Spanakopites and Tiropites 

6.oopm               Pastitsa and Moussaka,   Potatoes

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Greek Festival‎, February 18th-19th 2017, 

ALL Volunteers Welcome, please see Leah Klonaris or Zachary Lyons to sign up.  All are welcome to participate by donating time and or funds to an event of your choice!


 GREEK FEST'17, 18-19 FEBRUARY, 2017

 Sign Up

Calling all able hands! Please pass by our sign-up booth in the hall during coffee hour to let us know where you would like to help out. Greek Fest is the Church's largest Fundraiser and we welcome every parishioner to come and help. In this difficult economy we ask if your treasures are low, help us with your time and talent.  We need everyone to help our Church with the event that so many people are looking forward to! 

  "Please pass by and sign up...." Thank you!


As we did last year, we are asking you to show your support for Greek Fest with Sponsorships. You will be recognized in our weekly bulletin and our Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church website.  The levels of sponsorships are as follows:

 BRONZE -    $100 - $249

SILVER -      $250 - $499

GOLD    -      $500 - $999

PLATINUM - $1,000 and up

 For information, sign-up, sales and sponsorship, there will be a station in the hall during coffee hour from now until the Festival. Please contact Maria Wilson at 376 8982 or Leah Klonaris at 376 9505.

 White Pegasus

We are starting to collect items for the White Pegasus stall. Please bring any and all household items you no longer use to the hall every Sunday from now until February 12th. 


Stewardship:  A few parish members are now making regular monthly contributions to stewardship. This helps greatly in managing the monthly expenses. 

We encourage all of our parish members, to make their stewardship contribution monthly and in this way work with the parish council to better manage the budget. 

We thank all our dedicated parish members who each week contribute also their time and talents to our beloved Church and its service in Christ's mission. 


Our Choir Ministry:  The Choir needs your time and talents. We are looking for an Assistant Choir Director and a Full Time Organist, as well as Singers for our beautiful Choir.

If you can not commit as a Full Time Organist, once or twice a month for Sunday Liturgy would be much appreciated. Anyone interested please contact Maria Wilson at 327-4760 or mariawilson1214@gmail.com. Thank you. 


THE LORDS KITCHEN:The lords kitchen prepares meals every Friday evening and on Saturday morning for distribution to the poor and hungry. 

 Mission Statement: “To feed the whole person,physically (with food) and spiritually(with Holy Scripture)”

Under the Spiritual leadership and Guidance of The Reverend Irenaeus and his wife Presvetera Alexandra Cox

Please see Artemissia Zervos at (242) 426-6127 to volunteer or donate to the mission."


As all of you know, we have ministries in the Church that help those in need:

1. The St. Nicholas Corner provides a food and clothing pantry for the poor or needy. This is a form of outreach that, when well stocked, is available at a moment’s notice for any who might come to us in need of those basic survival necessities.

2. We also have the Agape Fund which supports occasional acts of mercy provided that we have the properdocumentation for the need. This also is an outreach ministry.

3. However, we do have an in-reach ministry called the St. Luke’s Medical Fund. This provides financial assistance to take care of medical bills for our own members who are not able to make ends meet.

If anyone would like to contribute and be involved in any of these important ministries of the Church, please contact George Maillis.


COFFEE HOURPlease help and sponsor coffee hour, in memory of your loved one, or celebration of a birthday, anniversary, or just by way of contribution to community fellowship. Contact Althea at the office Monday - Thursday -at Tel 326-0335 or 326-0850 to reserve the date.

 Please Ladies to make extra bread prosforo for church service.  Thank you